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Ask a question astrology report on health, illness, hospitalization, fever, health problem

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Do you think I have a health problem?

Am I going to live a healthy life in future?

I think I have a serious disease. Do you think there might be something seriously wrong and I should go in for a complete medical check up immediately?

Doctor's are unable to cure the disease. Astrologically can you point out if this a curable disease or do I have to live with it?

I had multiple fractures on my hip a few months ago and had to undergo surgery, but it is not fully cured as yet. Doctors are divided on their opinion as to whether or not I need another surgery or I shall recover with medicines and physiotherapy. Astrologically can you point out whether further surgical intervention is needed or not?

I had a heart operation last month. I am not feeling well and my recovery is very slow. When will I recover fully and why I am not recovering speedily?

I had to go for a surgery. Which time is seen best to proceed?

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